Bandshells – Outdoor Stage Tent

If part of your event includes an outdoor performance, then a Bandshell could be the right choice for you. These tents are professionally manufactured by Anchor Industries, and designed to provide not only an eye-catching shelter for the performers, but it also possesses great acoustic qualities. Our inventory includes two sizes: 40′ x 40′ and 20′ x 32′.

Large” Bandshell (40′ x 40′)

The 40′ x 40′ dimensions refer to the Stage Size that is installed below the tent. The overall footprint of the large bandshell is a flaring 96′ wide by 76′ deep.

Small Bandshell (20′ x 32′)

This smaller Bandshell makes a great temporary or semi-permanent installation for seasonal live performances. The 20′ x 32′ stage is an available option to be installed by JK Rentals along with the Bandshell, and when rented as a package, discounts are applied. The dimensions here are 53′ wide by 44′ deep.

* Clear Span tent structures are also a viable alternative to Bandshells.
Check out the Clear Span features.