Clear span tents offer the greatest VERSATILITY! That’s probably why Clear Span structures are the fastest growing segment in the tent rental industry.

Key Features of Clear Span Tents

There are numerous features that make the Clear Span Tent a high demand product:

  • Ability to erect over or around trees, statues, large pools, light posts, etc.
  • Unobstructed interior of the structure
  • Great for construction sites, too!

The installation can be as basic as the frame, standard vinyl top, and sidewall. It can also be dressed up for special events by adding any additional touches: ceiling liners, beam covers, chandeliers, accent lighting, clear walls and tops… and the list goes on and on.

Option: 100% Stakeless

In some cases, a venue or site tent setup needs to be 100% stake-less — making a normal tent installation difficult. However, JK Rentals can accommodate these specifications, because we have the ability, inventory, and experience to WEIGHT our ClearSpan structures.

ClearSpan Details

  • Now available: Extra large sizes of 40 to 50 meters wide with a leg height of 5 meters
  • Current Clear Span profile inventory includes sizes of 33′, 66′, and 99′
  • Other sizes are available by request
  • Standard installation heights are 10′ and 13′

If you want a tent style similar to Clear Span tents but in smaller sizes, look at our Navi-Trac© Frame Tents.