The Navi-Trac frame tents are a light-weight version of a large Clear Span structure, with the only notable difference being that it utilizes webs on the perimeter for added anchoring support.  This tent has all the benefits of being free of all obstructions on the interior, while still being light-weight enough to erect without any heavy machinery.  Because of this, it is a great option for both corporate and private functions, such as weddings.  The option of using clear tops and sidewalls can add the look of a high-budget event without breaking the bank.  Also, being a smaller size structure allows for an easier task when dressing-up the interior with things like ceiling liners and elegant chandeliers.  Typically, when this tent is installed, the focus is now mainly on the inside decor.

Standard installation height is 8′, but also available up to 10′.

Sidewalls in both solid and cathedral window’s are available.  Specialty walls other than these available by request.

For clear span frame tents by JK Rentals, Inc larger than 50′ wide, please visit Clear Span Tents.