Outdoor Wedding Tents

A great option for any occasion that intends to give an impression of an upscale event is a tension tent.  While still considered to be a pole tent, the overall quality and visual appeal of the tension tent is perfect for weddings, corporate events, or slightly more elaborate functions.  The vinyl used here is typically heavier, as well as not translucent.  Additional staking adds to the stability of the installation through higher winds and heavier downpours.  To add to the prestige of an event, installing tent liners and custom chandeliers are a very common choice.  When trying to decide if this, or any other style tent best fits your ideas, goals, and budgets, let one of our trained professionals assist you in making the best choice for your event.

Standard installation height is 7′ for 20′, 30′, and 40′ wide tension tents, and 9′ for both 60′ and 80′ wide tension tents.

Solid, Cathedral, Clear, and Mesh sidewalls are available for all sizes.